Jordan Fro of the Week

FRO of the Week

Student NameJordan Puketza

What grade are you in? 11th Grade at School Lane Charter School

Status on the team: 1st year on team.

Accomplishment- I am on the assembly and fabrication teams and I helped take apart Tim, our Stronghold robot, to scrap him for parts.

How has being on Team 5401 impacted your life? Even though I have only been on the team for a couple of weeks, everyone has been really friendly and welcoming, I feel as if I have been a part of the team for years.

What are your plans after high school? Has being a part of this team impacted your way of thinking about the future? If so, how? Go to college and major in electrical mechanical engineering.

What’s your trademark saying the team knows you by? He doest have a saying, but he’s known as the “kid with the beard”.