Ellen Garfield

What your speciality on the team? Safety mentor

How many years have you been involved? Since the beginning, but this is my second year as a mentor

How did you hear/start out on the team? Captain Matt is my son!  And last year after the competition at Westtown, I was asked to help the team develop their safety manual and program.

What do you do for a living?  I sell industrial personal protective equipment, but it’s much more broad than that.  I also help my customers develop basic safety programs to reduce their OSHA recordable injuries.

What is your goal do you hope to achieve with students? Aside from continuing our successful streak, I want to help them develop their leadership skills and self-esteem.

What do you want your students you mentor to know/what life lessons do you want to teach?  That life isn’t fair sometimes.  That sometimes you may not understand or agree with a situation or a decision, but there are battles to pick.  And that there is ALWAYS something that you can learn from someone.  I’m 44 and I’m still learning.

What college/high school you go to?  I’m a proud graduation of Bensalem, Class of 1990!

What did you major in?  I did not go to college, which is probably one of my biggest regrets.  I was lucky enough to be successful in sales, but these days, a degree is necessary to your future.