Team 5401's Mentors


KeviN McKay
founding mENTOR

Kevin is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter...just kidding! He's a 2001 & 2005 graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering & Engineering Management. He's also a 2010 graduate of Temple University with a MBA and a Juris Doctorate. He currently works at Boeing as an Aerospace Systems Engineer and co-founded the team in 2014 with his good friend, and fellow Boeing employee, Andy Windhausen to help Bensalem students build Skynet.

Mentor Since: 2014

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? IDK it's what I do on Wednesdays.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? Play the game, not something like the game.

I can't get through Build Season without...having a meltdown!

Random fun fact: I can't tell time.

Andy Windhausen
Founding Mentor

Being a mechanical engineer from UCF with a love for machining and design has served me well in coaching several FRC teams but I bleed FRO Blue. I have been the Mechanical Lead of 5401 since co-founding the team.

Mentor Since: 2015 with 5401; 2008 overall with FRC

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? We are a family that also happens to build robots.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? Make parts, not pictures.

I can't get through Build Season without...C8H10N4O2, a good CAD computer and good jokes

Random fun fact: I live for the “ah-ha” moments when some finally understands a concept.


Virginia MCKay
Lead Mentor

Virginia joined the team in 2015 as a way to spend quality time with her husband, Kevin. She's a 2006 graduate of Stony Brook University with a BS in Political Science & American History and currently works as a Senior Distribution Specalist for an insurance company. In the robotics lab she can be found doing a wide variety of things from writing press releases and organizing team travel to teaching students to how to analyze data in Excel/Tableau.

Mentor Since: 2015. I joined halfway through Recycle Rush season.

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? I love it because of the positive, and in some cases life changing, impact it has on the students fortunate enough to be a part of the FRO family.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? "Fun fact..." followed by a truly useless but interesting fact.

I can't get through Build Season without...coffee and "bunker food" (aka overnight oats).

Random fun fact: I did a very brief stint as batgirl for the New York Yankees during their 1993 season.


I'm a biomedical engineer who has always enjoyed making things. I currently work as an engineer for Roechling Medical and at past jobs have designed and manufactured a variety of implants. I have 2 CO2 lasers in my garage, a small CNC lathe, a small CNC router, 2 3D printers, and various inspection robots in my basement. I'm always designing new machines as well.

Mentor Since: 2015 w/ 5401 - 2009 w/ FIRST

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? I want a robotic owl!

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? In my experience take the longest estimate and multiply it by 3

I can't get through Build Season without...Getting a call to make spare parts.

Random fun fact: My favorite robot is Johnny 5.


Born and raised in the Heavy Duty Towing/Recovery field. I have Mechanical and Problem solving experience. I'm a DIY tinkerer.

Mentor Since: Recycle Rush as a Parent, Stronghold as a Mentor

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? I enjoy helping and watching Students eyes light up when they understand and learn something they never thought they could.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? We need to Rosenberg it!

I can't get through Build Season without...Pizza, of course!

Random fun fact: I never went to college!


I’m an electrician by trade but I love engineering. I have lived in Bensalem for 50 years but I’ve traveled to 36 states including Puerto Rico but always came home. My son spent 4 years in robotics and I was lucky enough to work with him. He is on his way to Drexel but I will continue to work with the great students of Bensalem.

Mentor Since: 2015

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? Bensalem students are the best!

I can't get through Build Season without...Coffee!
Random fun fact: I built LEGO robots in the mid seventies.



Mentor Since: 2021

Why do you LOVE Team 5401?  Team 5401 attracts all the most kind and hardworking students from BHS, being around them is always a gift.

Random fun fact:  I could live off of just sushi or the Panera Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt.


Jim has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and is employed by NSWCPD (Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division) where he has over 30 years experience working with U.S. Navy shipboard machinery systems. He has been a mentor since the 2018-19 season, after being introduced to robotics when his son joined the team. He is a mentor for the electrical team which he started in the 2019-20 season.

Mentor Since: 2018- Deep Space

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? I was impressed with the FIRST organization, the robotics competitions, and with what the Bensalem students accomplished.  The students gained near real world experience in design, fabrication, software development, and assembly of a working robot.  This experience will serve them well as they advance through college and enter the job market. 

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? No but I admire the spirit of "gracious professionalism" which is a guiding belief of the FIRST Robotics Competition.

I can't get through Build Season without...Coffee for every meeting. Doughnuts on Saturday.

Random fun fact: My wife volunteered me for the team at the first parents meeting (so she cannot complain when I am gone for 4 days per week during build season Ha Ha).


Kathy Seidman has 20 years experience with Dow as a process engineer.  Over her career she has worked in manufacturing and research for multiple business units.  This is Kathy's first year with Team 5401.  She is excited to leverage her unique experience combined with Dow's excellent safety culture to raise the Fightin' Owls's outstanding safety values to the next level.

Mentor Since: 2019

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? I love the spirit that this team has!  Not only are they world champions, but they have been very engaged in spreading the love of robotics in the community.  I've seen this first hand with my daughter and she can't wait to join the team when she gets into high school.  My family started watching "Battle Bots" a decade ago and I never thought I'd actually get to be part of a robotics team, so this is super exciting. Go FRO!

Random fun fact: My favorite pastime is playing video games!  I've logged countless hours on my PS4 (and PS3) and have even taken vacation days just to play the latest releases.


Mentor Since: 

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? 

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team?

I can't get through Build Season without... 

Random fun fact: 


I am Ralph G. Douglass and have been active in the  Bensalem Twp. School Dist. since 1973 having been elected to the School Board. Also President of Just for the Kids Education Foundation. Background in Electronic Engineering at PECA, a Design and Manufacturing Co. as  President and Founder and years in Cable TV.

Mentor Since: 2018

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? The TEAM's commitment to achieving their goals and making the total effort.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? My name is Douglass - Douglass with two "S"

I can't get through Build Season without...Not being involved with the build as Bensalem Event Coordinator.



I am a firm believer that dogs make the world a happier & better place. I come to the robotics lab as often as my humans will let me, and as often as the students will tolerate me, to make everyone's day just a little better. 

Mentor Since:  2019

Why do you LOVE Team 5401? They give the best head scratches & belly rubs. Also- they have a firm no cats allowed policy.

Is there a phrase/saying you are known for on the team? "Arf! Arf! Bork!!"

I can't get through Build Season without...barking my little head off, annoying everyone in the lab.

Random fun fact: I love to eat Safety Glasses!