All the way FRO(m) William Tennent High School

Hey there!

This is Ian Colville, the Outreach Coordinator for our team, and I am happy to announce Team 5401’s partnership with William Tennent High School! This partnership is to help teach their students on how to start their own team. They will be full fledged Frolings through this season and will start their own school FIRST FRC team next season.

In doing this, we are hopefully trying to save their Tech-Ed program, and start to introduce STEM into the school district. It reminds me of when our team was the start of bringing STEM to Bensalem School District, and we hope this can save theirs. We also plan to help out with a donation to their team, and to give them the much needed tools that they don’t have.

With the addition of the 7 students we are mentoring, we are also welcoming 5 teachers from William Tennent that will be joining the team as mentors for the season. With them being with us for 2 weeks now, the students are starting to slowly assimilate into our team, finding where they fit in, and the teams that they want to be on, and soon they will be indistinguishable from the rest of the team.

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