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The Home Stretch!

Hello you beautiful humans and robots! This is the home stretch to the end of our build season and everyone on the team could not be more sleep deprived if they tried! But that is not stopping the flow of work from happening.

As this week comes to an end, we are working hard to finish our robot in time for bag day. This final full week has consisted of fixing bugs, drive practice, integrating important mechanisms (What mechanisms you ask? Perhaps a climber. Perhaps a gear grabber. Perhaps a a flame thrower. You’ll have to wait and see!), finishing the frames for our competition robot, as well as some other things (Like scrambling around trying to get everything done in time). Although these next few days will be extremely stressful and tiring, the end result will make it all worth it. We can do this!

This weekend, we were once again graced with the presence of the Agnes Irwin girls of Team 709, who used our practice space. Thank you for coming and driving with us, we’re always happy to have you.

Don’t forget to get your FRO gear for competition season. (Link to our team store is above.) Remember the sooner you order anything from the store, the better chance you have it by our first competition. If you want something that is not in our team store, please email and we will do our best to get it on the store for you. (Note: The shirts run small!)


We are in the Process of Doing a Thing!

We have been very busy! We have had some design changes that required us to take apart a good part of our practice drivebase. We have a great gear mechanism that has passed our testing and we are now working to make the mechanism stronger for the competition robot. Our manufacturing team has began fabricating parts for the competition robot and assembly began riveting the frame together. Our software and controls team has been making great progress on vision processing, PID control, and Javadoc (Java documentation). Our Business team has been working on getting the business plan finalized, and getting our Robot Reveal Night together! (Stay tuned for more information!)

Also, as you can tell from above, we have been obsessed with Steamworks memes. If you are as in love with them as we are, please stay tuned as we post memes every Monday, on our Instagram and Twitter @Team5401!

Super Fun Start To Build Season!

WOW! Two weeks have flown by and we have been working hard!  We started and finished the manufacturing of the drive base and superstructure for the practice bot. The drive base is fully functional with the exception of shifting. The superstructure has a gear delivery prototype on it that has proved successful so far. The next step on is to finalize the design by making it more aesthetically pleasing and lighter. The CAD team is working on the design of the climbing mechanism and shooter. We have a very accurate prototype of a shooter that collects balls from a hopper. Also, programming team is moving through PID control, drive base and subsystem commands, and vision processing. Additionally, the business team has been hard at work getting last minute sponsors and finalizing the business plan.

Last but certainty not least, we have been getting our scouting plan together! We hope all teams are enjoying the build season festivities! We sure are!

New Season, New Prank…

Hello all! Our team has been hard at work this past week. However that does not mean we do not know how to have fun!

We told one of our Frolings that several FRC teams have been complaining about how there not enough holes in the balls that FIRST gave them. He graciously volunteered to count to make sure all our balls were good. Several team members were in on the prank.

As you can probably guess he was not to happy to hear that it was just a prank…

Click below to watch this entertaining video!

Good luck to all teams! We hope you have a fun Build Season!