January 20, 2018 – Build Season Update

These past few weeks we have been making progress in many areas of our team. Our design team has been making significant progress on a part of the robot we will call “Pac Man Thingy.” They are coming up with different solutions to solve the main problem that FIRST Power Up has presented. Our programming team has been busy working on updating the scouting app, making simulations, and downloaded FRC Synthesis. The team spending tons of time in the shop, our manufacturing team, has been trying their best to stay warm and make drive base parts for our practice robot. All the people standing around in the pit, our assembly team, have been working on the wiring and assembling of the drive train. The team writing this blog post has been doing much more than this. Our business team has been working on putting together this years build season playlist, making this year’s fan shirt, working on this year’s Entrepreneurship Award submission, and contacting potential and current sponsors.