Kady’s FRO of the Week

Candidate Name- Kady Dennis

What grade are you in? 12th Grade

Status on the team: (rookie, student leadership, years on the team, what subteam they’re on)  “I have been on the team for 4 years and I am the Chief Engineer and manufacturing lead.”

Accomplishment- (what did they do to be on the team beside being the real mvp, why are they getting this award) Been nominated for Dean’s List Semifinalist, and almost single handedly manufactured 4 robots.

How has being on Team 5401 impacted your life? By giving me a second family and given me life skills such as time management, hardwork and dedication.

What are your plans after high school? Has being a part of this team impacted your way of thinking about the future? If so, how? It’s provided an opportunity that I never had before, in the future I would like to attend a 4 year college for Pre-med and then go to medical school.

What’s your trademark saying the team knows you by?  Mill Master and Kady Bear