Kat FRO of the Week

Candidate Name– Kat Pasquella

What grade are you in? 12th

Status on the team: I’m a rookie on the Non-technical Team

Accomplishment: I’m a determined individual who works likes working with others, creating goals and achieving those goal.

How has being on Team 5401 impacted your life? Team 5401 has impacted my life because it has allowed me to be apart of another family.  Everyone here is so welcoming, warm, and accepting.  I’ve met so many new people and have made so many memories.  I have learned manvalues, even in the short amount of time i have been here.

What are your plans after high school?  My plans after high school are always changing and up in the air. As of right now I’m leaning towards going to college for Education. This team has impacted my future because it has allowed me to be apart something bigger and has helped me to make friends and memories that i will cherish when i go on to the next chapter of my life.