Maxwell FRO of the Week

FRO of the Week

Student Name– Maxwell Palamarchuk

What grade are you in? 9th Grade

Status on the team: I am a rookie who is currently learning fabrication and how safety works on the team. I am also learning how to drive the robots on the drive team.

Accomplishment- I contributed by driving at the Hatboro – Horsham competition that we won and is now helping out with safety and fabrication.

How has being on Team 5401 impacted your life? How the robotic team impacted my life is it is a great program that I look forward to each week. I learn new ideas and skills in every category imaginable that I know will help me later on in life.

What are your plans after high school? Has being a part of this team impacted your way of thinking about the future? If so, how? After highschool, I plan to go to college for mechanical and aerospace engineering. After that, I will pursue my field of aerospace engineering because I enjoy flying and this field the most. Being a part of the team has greatly impacted my way of thinking toward my future in the way of education and learning of important skills in design, manufacturing, assembly, and safety.

What’s your trademark saying the team knows you by? “Hello Ladies!” – Maxwell while showing of the Gucci belt.