Safety Rules

1) Everyone must wear safety glasses in the shop and pit. You must wear safety glasses in these areas even if you’re not working. Each returning team member has their own set of safety gloves and glasses to to be used for this purpose so there is no excuse.

2) Always have a partner with you when working in the shop or pit and always make sure there is at least one Coach nearby in the shop, pit or CAD Lab.

3) Make sure you are in the proper frame of mind to be working in the shop or pit. If you are tired, sick or otherwise unwell use  best judgement on whether or not you should be working in the shop or pit. When in doubt, just stay home.

4) You should only be in the shop if you are working on or observing a task that requires equipment If you are observing, no fiddling!

5) There is zero tolerance for fiddling and unsafe behavior! Fiddling in the shop or pit can be very dangerous and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the shop or pit.

6) If you see something, say something. If you notice another student fiddling or engaging in unsafe behavior in the shop or pit, report it to a Coach or Captain immediately.

7) Make sure you are properly equipped to be in the shop. That means NO long sleeves, hoodies, jewelry, open toed shoes, and long hair must be  pulled back in order to work.

8) Be aware of your surroundings. You must know where the fire exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, eyewash station, and SDS’s are located.

9) Make sure you are properly trained on the tool or piece of equipment you are/will be using in the shop. Refer to the Safety Manual for the list of equipment trainers if you need to be trained on a piece of equipment before using it.

Violations of these rules will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken by a Coach or Captain based on the severity of the offense. Actions may include verbal warning, written warning, suspension or expulsion.