Our sponsorship levels are named after famous American Engineers, Scientists and Inventors and by becoming a team sponsor of the Fightin’ Robotic Owls, you are helping local students become the next generation of American innovators. If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor,  you can read more about our sponsorship opportunities here or send us an e-mail at info@team501.org for more information.

Einstein: $ 3,000+


 PA Steel

Tesla: $ 1,000-3,000



DoDSTEM logo-Revised



Edison: $ 500-1,000


Franklin: $ 250-500

Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo

HM Royal, Inc 


Ride: $ 100-250

 Boucher & James Engineering

Joseph Knowles & ReMax Reality Services

Cape Coral Cleaners 

Gross Financial

Kathleen Lesnevec 

The Valley Pizza 

Rainbow Mart