Rapid React

2021-2022 Season 
Program Manager

Name: Adriana Presaido

Grade: Senior 

What Do You Do As Program Manager?: As Program Manager, I oversee every aspect of the team and address any problems that arise. I am responsible for the flow of information throughout the team and aiding us in completing tasks.

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: When I was choosing which high school to go to after 8th grade, I took a day to tour BHS. On that day the robotics team was meeting and I talked with the kids in the program and immediately loved the idea of being on the robotics team for both engineering and for the FRC family.

Chief Engineer

Name: Tony Bibeck

Grade: Senior 

What Do You Do As Chief Engineer?: As Chief Engineer, I oversee the technical side of the team. I monitor the progression of the robot during the build season as well as organize the sub-teams and assign their leaders.

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: I was first introduced to the team in 8th Grade when I met a mentor at a School District event and when the team presented their 2017 robot at my Middle School for my Full Year STEM class. I was captured by the professionalism and engineering of the robot that I decided I wanted to be apart of the team. I started with the summer program and progressed. I took up interest in the technical side with fabrication and integration.

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer

Name: Sarah Mckenney

Grade: Senior 

What Do You Do As Chief Marketing & Operations Officer: As Chief Marketing & Operations Officer I run the non-technical side of the team. I handle the team's finances, media, paperwork, team branding, outreach, and a lot more. 

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: When I was in 8th grade, the team came down to my full year STEM class and showcased their robot. I was impressed by the robot and was instantly drawn into the team. I then attended the team's summer camp and joined the team that summer, where I slowly gravitated to the non-technical side of the team.