2022-2023 Season 
Program Manager

Name: Tom Nicholas

Grade: Senior 

What Do You Do As Program Manager?: As Program Manager, I support the team by handling administrative tasks as well as addressing problems that arise. Additionally, I seek out and research new ways to improve daily Team operations. 

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: I initially joined the team just to spend time with friends, but after a few months myself as part of a family that shared the same passion for STEM as I. 

Chief Engineer

Name: Brian Olsen

Grade: Senior 

What Do You Do As Chief Engineer?: I delegate to each of the team leads, monitor team productivity, improve on workflow inefficiencies, and typically solve debugging problems varying from manufacturing to programming.

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: My brother was the programming lead for two years when he was in High School, and robotics always intrigued me. 

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer

Name: Jenna Riley

Grade: Sophmore

What Do You Do As Chief Marketing & Operations Officer: As Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, I run the non-technical side of the team. I handle the team's finances, media, paperwork, team branding, outreach, and a lot more. 

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: In middle school, I joined the robotics team at Snyder. The community they created was something I knew I wanted to be a part of. During this time, members from Team 5401 came to mentor us. It left a big impact on me and since then I wanted to do the same.

Chief Outreach Coordinator

Name: Isabel Hennessey

Grade: Sophmore

What Do You Do As Chief Marketing & Operations Officer: My job as the outreach coordinator is to is to reach out to our community and help plan our volunteer events. The most notable of these events are our Summer Camp program and our Stem Ambassador program to help our FLL teams, FTC teams, and young inspiring engineers. 

Why Did You Join Team 5401?: Half-way though my freshman year I was at my lowest point with school and life in general, however I wanted to get out of that state by jumping in a bunch clubs. I've tried a lot of clubs but the one that welcomed me with big open arms was Team 5401. On the team I quickly learned a lot of things about business which allowed me to apply and join student leadership.