Chief Engineer
Kady Dennis, Senior

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 12

Q: What is your official title on the team?
A: Chief Engineer

Q: What guidance do you offer to other students on the team?
A: I help students who aren’t sure about what they want to do find a home. Since I run the engineering side of the team, I help guide students through meetings. While I don’t know how to program or CAD, I do offer hands-on help in assembly and manufacturing. Not only that, but I help students through the ups and downs of high school, offering advice on classes or help on schoolwork, or if there are more personal problems then I try to offer some advice to struggling students.

Q: How many years have you been on the team?
A: This is my 4th year on the team. I’ve been with the team since it’s beginning.

Q: How has being on Team 5401 impacted your life?
A: Overall, Team 5401 has impacted my collaboration skills, leadership skills, and time management. Working together as a team has helped forge my ability to work with others and compromise. I’ve taken on leadership positions for 3 years now and it has developed my leadership skills so that I can now better communicate, delegate, and lead others through the tough on-and-off seasons. Finally, this team has definitely impacted my time management skills. I’ve had to learn to make time for school while also juggling the time commitment that comes with robotics. Most of all, Team 5401 has become a second family to me and will always be that for the rest of my life.

Q: What are your plans after high school? Has being a part of this team impacted your way of thinking about the future? If so, how?
A: After high school, I plan on going to college and studying biochemistry and molecular biology while fulfilling my pre-med requirements to go on to med school. This team has impacted the way I think about the future by showing me that only when you work hard and commit yourself will you get what you want out of something. It has also opened my eyes to knowing that if you’re truly passionate about something then you won’t work a day in your life.

Q: Do you have a trademark saying the team knows you by? If yes, what is it?
A: My trademark saying comes from another mentor, but now I’m the one everyone knows who says it. It’s, “It’ll be fineeee.”