Student Leadership Archives

Below is a list of our dedicated Student Leadership members from our past seasons! We are very proud of all of them for taking the responsibility of being a leader on the team.

2019-2020 Season (Infinite Recharge)

  • Program Manager- Ethan Whiting
  • Chief Engineer- Maxwell Palamarchuk
  • Chief Marketing and Operations Officer- Adriana Preciado 

2018-2019 Season (Destination: Deep Space)

  • Program Manager- Katherine Matveykina
  • Chief Engineer- Justin Hawk
  • Chief Safety Engineer- Ethan Whiting 
  • Chief Marketing & Operations Officer- Cindy Chen

2017-2018 Season (PowerUp)

  • Program Manager- Jimmy James Kane
  • Chief Engineer- Kady Dennis
  • Chief Safety Engineer- Kelly Dennis
  • Non-technical Lead- Katherine Matveykina

2016-2017 Season (Steamworks)

  • Program Manager- Matt Garfield
  • Chief Engineer- Kady Dennis
  • Chief Safety Engineer- Jimmy James Kane
  • Business Manager- Emily Ralston
  • Outreach Coordinator- Ian Colville

2015-2016 Season (Stronghold)

  • Team Captain- Matt Garfield
  • Safety Captain- Jimmy James Kane

2014-2015 Season (Recycle Rush)

  • n/a