Meet Our Chief Safety Engineer James “Jimmy-James” Kane!screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-7-17-38-pm

Our Chief Safety Engineer is James “Jimmy-James” Kane. He is a junior and has been with us since the birth of the team. He wants all of the team members to learn how important safety really is for building a robot to this extreme. Being on the team has allowed him to be more involved in the school. This team also allowed him to have people with different backgrounds help him get other view points which will help him in all aspects of life, even once he leaves highschool. After he graduated from Bensalem High School, he plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Minoring in Media Communications. Being apart of Team 5401 has fueled the fire of him wanting to be an engineer. This team has given him several people to take advice from to help him established a path for his future. While he doesn’t have a trademark, he has a closing statement, “Safety Generalissimo, Jimmy-James.”