Westtown Competition

Hey all, its been a long and chaotic competition season.  After our first competition at Hataboro, we headed to Westown with high hopes and an ace card in our back pocket; the scimitar.  The scimitar is our scaler arm that doubles as a useful tool in Tim’s arsenal for crossing defense that stand in his way.  Not only did we finish in fourth place, we were able to choose our alliance mates as Alliance Captain and enter the playoffs, something we have never done before.  For our alliance mates we choose our friends the Gearaffes, Team 5404, and the RoboLancers, Team 321.  Unfortunately, we were eliminated due to a loss in our first match and 5404’s gear problems (oh the irony!).  While we didn’t make it far, it was still an amazing feat for the alliance and Fightin’ Robotic Owls!  The scouting up at Westtown want mostly smoothly with only a few small minor hiccups here and there.  Yet again the IPads made everything so much better and easier compared to last years pencil and paper.  Team spirit was on it’s A-game all day and during every match it was visible that we shaking the arena with our cheering. 

As of now we’re ranked 47th in the MAR standings and the top 55 teams in the MAR  go on to compete at District Championships at Lehigh University in 2 weeks. Although we’re ranked 47th there’s another qualifying competition at Montgomery next weekend  and so chances are by the time that competition is over, we’ll be out of the top 55 and not qualified for Lehigh. We’ll have to wait and see though but for now we’re super proud of our performance this past weekend at Westtown!



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