Meet Our Chief Engineer Kady Dennis! 

Our Chief Engineer is a Kady Dennis. She’s a junior and has been on the team since the birth of the team. As chief engineer on the team, she offers many different forms of guidance. She helps new students on the team find what they’re really interested in doing, whether it be programming, design, assembly or manufacturing. She teaches the metal working team how to operate and run the mill. She helps the assembly team repair and build the robot. She also tries to offer guidance to help students rise up on the team to get into their own leadership roles by pushing them to work their hardest and help others. Not only is she in charge of this, but also in charge of several other sub-team leaders who all work under her guidance. Her sub-team captains are Matt Jordan for Programming, Natalie Ralston for Assembly, and Abhi Patel for Design. Team 5401 has really impacted her life by teaching her teamwork, leadership skills, and time management skills. Time management is a critical skill that came from being on the
team because even though build season is great and we’re on a deadline, she still has school and homework that need to get done. On top of that, Team 5401 has taught her valuable engineering skills and even provided her a home away from home. After she graduates from Bensalem High School, she plans on going to college for biomedical engineering before moving on to medical school to become a doctor. It has impacted her way of thinking about the future. For her, seeing all this innovation and technology now, only leaves her in awe about what the future will bring. We’re helping prepare the future of the world through this team, and as a member of the team, she gets to witness the start of the future being made. Her team trademark is “It’ll be fineeee,” even though she got it from one our mentors Josh.