Here at Team 5401 we know that safety is no accident. We understand that there is no way to make every moment risk free, but through proper safety education and training we do our best to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible. This creates a culture of safety that focuses on a three pronged approach: The documentation of safety procedures, making sure that everyone, coaches and students, is trained in these safety procedures and verifying that these safety procedures are being followed. Additionally, we reference professional guidelines from organizations like OSHA and we have sought out guidance from other teams who have been noted for their excellence in team safety. We have also made sure that all students are protected through the use of proper personal protection equipment like the gloves and safety glasses that were provided to us by our safety sponsor Magid Glove & Safety. All of this helps us establish our culture of safety, because here at Team 5401 “We give a HOOT about SAFETY”