Mission Statement

  • We enhance students’ interest in STEM and business fields by engaging them with experienced mentors that challenge them with real world situations that build character and foster a lifelong appreciation for teamwork.
  •  We believe that everyone is welcome on this team, no matter their ability or interest they can find it in something we do.
  • We are not an after school club. We are a well run professional organization and competitive sport, preparing the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders.
  •  We choose to be a self-funded team so we aren’t a strain on the school district’s financial resources. Additionally, we collect no dues from team members
    because, as a Title 1 School, we do not want financial constraints limiting participation. 
  •  We are committed to promoting and supporting STEM education at all levels both in our school district and in our community as a whole.
  •  We participate in community service and outreach to show our team spirit, introduce others to FIRST, and give back to the community that supports us.
  •  We will grow, mentor, and sustain a family of FIRST teams at all levels throughout Bucks County.