Summer Camp FAQ

Is this the same thing as last year?

Maybe. For new campers,  it's the same as last year where campers build a VEX claw-bot for the first half of the camp and then design their own robot to compete against other summer camp teams for the second half. For returning campers, they will be designing and manufacturing parts for an actual robot using CAD and the high school's shop.

I am going to miss X weeks due to vacation/surgery/religious obligation is that okay?

Yes, it is okay if you can’t make a few sessions, you can jump right back in when you get back.

What if my kid hates this, can they quit?

Yes, it’s a summer program not a blood oath.  However, especially since we'll be rotating through different subjects, I'd encourage them to stick it out and try some other things.

My kid isn't going to BHS, they are going to BCTHS/Conwell-Egan/Holy Ghost/School Lane Charter/Joining the Circus next year, can they still come?

Yes, students bound for the Tech School or private/parochial schools are also welcome.

That’s our family dinner time, are you going to feed my kid?

We will have snacks and beverages, but we are not providing meals.  Part of being free is that we have to work around the schedules of available volunteers.

Who are these strange, geeky, coaches I'm letting near my children?

All adult coaches have their mandatory background check clearances in accordance with PA law and Bensalem SD policy.  Some high school students and recent graduates will be acting as teaching assistants to provide the most individualized attention possible.

Can my kid take the school bus to this?

I'm sorry but we do not provide transportation.  If that is a challenge for you, please let me know and I will try to put you in touch with other families to arrange carpooling.

My child is an incoming 7th grader, can he/she attend?

We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.  Bring them to the first few sessions and we will see how it is working out and go from there.

I understand that this is free, but I love this program so much, I would like to support it financially, is that possible?

YES! The Fightin’ Robotic Owls are almost entirely funded through donations and business sponsorships.  Tax-deductible donations to the program may be made to Bensalem Robotics c/o Bensalem Education Foundation.  Please contact [email protected] for more information or to discuss a sponsorship for your business!