We are in the Process of Doing a Thing!

We have been very busy! We have had some design changes that required us to take apart a good part of our practice drivebase. We have a great gear mechanism that has passed our testing and we are now working to make the mechanism stronger for the competition robot. Our manufacturing team has began fabricating parts for the competition robot and assembly began riveting the frame together. Our software and controls team has been making great progress on vision processing, PID control, and Javadoc (Java documentation). Our Business team has been working on getting the business plan finalized, and getting our Robot Reveal Night together! (Stay tuned for more information!)

Also, as you can tell from above, we have been obsessed with Steamworks memes. If you are as in love with them as we are, please stay tuned as we post memes every Monday, on our Instagram and Twitter @Team5401!