COVID-19 Plans

Instilling a culture of safety has been a core value of our team since it's founding in 2014. As we started planning for our 2020-2021 season, we developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan that incorporates safety best practices to help minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.  

Health and Safety Guidelines

We developed a comprehensive set of health and safety guidelines that will be enforced at every in person meeting at the BHS Robotics Lab. These guidelines have been approved by Bensalem High School and will be strictly enforced.  

Safety Measures

We will be implementing a omprehensive set safety measures that will be taken at every in person meeting at the BHS Robotics Lab. These will be strictly enforced at every meeting and Students or Mentors who do not follow these measures will be asked to leave.

Reopening Plan

To ensure the health and safety of both our Students and our Mentors, we have developed a phased reopening plan that includes both in person and virtual meetings.  This plan takes into account the School District's current Hybrid Model but may require you to be physically present at the school on a day your cohort is scheduled for asynchronous learning.